Anglické, Italské a Španělské písničky

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1.Smoke on the water / Deep purple
2.Winter dreams / U.D.O
3.Midnight Highway / U.D.O.
4.Crazy crazy crazy nights / Kiss
5.Highway to hell
6.I feel goot
7.Another Brick In The Wail / Pink Floyd
8.Ghoust busters
9.I was made for loving you / Kiss
10.Satisfaction / Rolliny Stones
11.Pretty woman / Roy Orbison
12.Love is in the air
13.Sex bomb / Tom Jones
14.New york / F.Sinatra
15,Just a gigolo / F.Sinatra
16.My way / F.Sinatra
17.Fool if you fink It s over / CHris Rea
18.Some hearts are diamonds / CHris Norman
19.Midnight lady / CHris Norman
20.California blue

21.Are you lonesome tonight / E.Presley
22.La dolce vita / Ryan Paris
23.Kamon lect twistegen / E.Presley
24.Hound dog / E.Presley
25.Blue suede shoes / E.Presley
26.Eight days a week / Beatles
27.Don´t be cruel / E.Presley
28.Youŕe a woman / B..Boys blue
29.Pretty young girl / B.Boys blue
30.I Just died in your arms
31.Ju are so beautiful / Joe Cocker
32.You can leave your hat on / Joe Cocker
33.Summer in the city / Joe Rocker
34.The best / Tina Turner
35.Everlasting love / Gloria Stefan
36.Livin la vida loca / Ricky.Martin
37.She Bangs / Ricky Martin
38.Hello / Lionel Richie
39.Mandy / St.Wonder

41.Směs Italia
42.Směs Bala
45.Non amarni
46.Cose da grandi
48.Una rotunda
50.La lontanánza
51.Un aventura
53.Brivido Felino
54.Tu soltánto tu